Oatmeal Diabetic Wide Socks


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Our Diabetic and Oedema friendly design offers a unique soft knit fabric throughout the sock minimising compression. The soft double welt top has been specially designed to mould to the natural contours of the legs without causing pressure or constriction.

Our 'Peter' socks can give 70% more stretch than a standard sock thanks to our Norfolk Stretch+ Technology providing you with an Extra Wide fit when you need it most. Having Fully padded foot bottoms for the ultimate in comfort, protection and warmth, this will aid the prevention of foot problems, with added terry loop cushioning offering an effective and safe environment for the ‘at risk’ foot.

These socks will keep your feet warm and protected, helping to aid in improving blood circulation, which is beneficial for the skin and the health of nerves in your feet. A smooth, totally flat toe hand-linked toe seam, which is an important feature, helping to eliminate friction and prevent abrasions across the toes.

Average UK Sizing:

  • UK Small - 3-5.5
  • UK Medium - 6-8.5
  • UK Large - 9-11.5
  • UK XL -  12+

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