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About Extra Cover Sri Lanka

The charity Extra Cover is run from the offices at Hansfords, helping over 1,200 poor children in Sri Lanka.


Here is just one example:

Last year, Oshada, one of the pupils from the school Extra Cover supports in Gonalagoda, was involved in a horrific bus crash. The result was truly upsetting so read on with care. Both his parents were severely injured: his father lost a third of his skull and is brain-damaged; his mother has a crushed pelvis, hip, knee and ankle and is unlikely ever to be able to walk again. Oshada was relatively lucky. He lost two toes, a part of his foot and has a huge dent in his shin but when we saw him, he was well enough to hobble around with a cricket bat in hand!

Thanks to your generous donations, Extra Cover has offered to ensure that this family can get to all their medical appointments at the hospital on a 40 minute tuk tuk journey.

Oshada’s family was in severe poverty before the crash; now they are reliant on his mother’s sister who has neither the money nor the resources to care for them long term. In the future, Oshada will need to have ongoing physiotherapy and assessments to help him walk again. The family will also need food to keep them going. At the moment, Extra Cover is providing just over £50 a month to help this family - it is amazing how far your money goes in transforming the fortunes of Oshada and his parents.

Hansfords Centenary Club donations totalled an amazing £7,700 in the last year thanks to so many generous donations coupled with Hansfords’ commitment to donate another 1% for every pound spent in store. Shopping at Hansfords, making a donation or by electing to give your reward points to the charity - every single contribution helps to ensure that Extra Cover can continue to work where it is needed most. Thank you.



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