Our Story

Hansfords was founded in 1908 by Joscelyn Hansford who passed it on to his son Don and is now owned by his grandson Matthew. It is now thriving as a specialist menswear clothing store in the centre of the historic City of Chichester.

We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with the highest quality clothing that are stylish, unique and comfortable from some of the best clothing brands around. Regardless of what you're looking for, we aim to provide you with clothing and accessories for every occasion. Whether it's a single item or an entirely new outfit, all the signs point to Hansfords as the place to go.

Handpicked by Matthew, the staff are specifically chosen to interact discreetly but attentively with new and existing customers whilst upholding Hansfords' tradition of outstanding customer service. From the hugely talented and widely experienced manager to the youngest assistant, none of the staff are tied to targets so the advice and guidance they provide is wholly genuine.

However, it isn't just our customers that we wish to help. Every time you make a purchase with us, 1% of the sale is donated to our charity Extra Cover. The goal is to help Sri Lanka's poorest children grow up with hope and to give them a chance of living their life rather than just existing. With the money raised, Extra Cover now provides village schools with the basics of food, clean water, toilets, text books and more.

If you wish to know any more about the company, our staff, our range of items, Extra Cover, the Centenary club or anything else then please feel free to contact us via Email, phone or asking us in store.