Music Madness Or Music To The Ears?

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We have been discussing playing some music instore and would love to know what you think. Do you come in for a relaxing browse and some peace, or would you prefer some background melodies?

We'd love to hear your thoughts. If you enjoy instore music, what genre do you like? Do you like the radio or a specific genre? Would you like a customer playlist? Or would you like to place a special request for when you visit us?

If you have a few minutes, please either comment below on this post, email or we would love to know your opinion next time you visit us.

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I am afraid I can’t stand Jamie Cullem and I suspect playing something I like may not go down well with someone else so no music please

Peter Maunder

Customer playlists sound interesting. Not the radio please.

Tim Rampton

No music please.


A touch of Frank Sinatra would be nice.

Nick Moore

It’s very awkward when it’s soooo quiet. Just some easy listening background music – Jamie cullum’s albums are great. You can’t beat the rat pack either! :)


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