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Mens Possum Fur Jumper
Possum Fur Jumper
Here at Hansfords, we're in love with our range of Possum fur knitwear from Noble Wilde! Used in a variety of products we stock including jumpers, beanie hats and scarves, this particular collection is popular among customers and the entire team here too. The question is, what is it about Possum fur that makes it so popular?
There are multiple different benefits to Possum fur, one of them is the unique factor that compared to regular wool, it's warmer yet more lightweight. Possum fur has a hollow core fibre, this fibre traps warm air to provide a higher level of warmth for the wearer. In fact, it's 30% warmer than 100% wool. This hollow core also means that it's more lightweight, making it ideal to blend with merino wool. By mixing Possum fibre into a yarn, the weight of the finished item of clothing is reduced by more than 20% compared with other wools! Another benefit of the Possum merino blend is if you're worried about pilling occurring on your jumpers or scarves, you'll be pleased to know that this blend is very resistant to it.
A big problem for some knitwear is the irritation on the skin that it can cause. Particularly for sufferers of skin conditions such as eczema, picking the right knitwear can seem like a difficult task. This however, is exactly why Possum fur is a game changer! Firstly, it's an incredibly soft material that has to be felt to be believed. Secondly, unlike some man-made products, there are no chemicals coming into contact with your skin due to it being a 100% natural. Research also shows that within it's fibres is an enzyme that can help prevent skin conditions including eczema. Additionally, Possum fibres have an intricate structure comprised of a water-retaining interior and a water-repelling exterior. This means sweat takes longer to form, keeping you dryer and more comfortable than many other products.
Due to the natural and unique Possum fur fibres, it is excellent to dye as it can hold colour very well. This means there is wide variety of colours available in all the different products. We have an entire shelf dedicated to our Possum fur jumpers and that alone contains a plethora of colours that is guaranteed to contain your favourite! The same goes for scarves, hats, socks and any other Possum fur product we have available.
And finally, the elephant in the room. One issue that will often come up with fur in clothing is how ethical can it be? It is imperative to Noble Wilde that the Possum fur used in their products is ethically sourced. Based in New Zealand, they understand the significance of Possums in the country. After being introduced into New Zealand in 1837, the problems were clear to see by 1900. Due to them having no natural predator, the ravenous eaters have caused significant damage to the native vegetation including flora, fauna, crops and orchards in which they consume around 21,000 tonnes per day. With an estimated population of over 70 million, which is double the amount of sheep, Possums are considered the major animal pest in the entire country. There is now a significant need to reduce the population, with the Possum merino knitwear being developed in part to the Possum control program. Due to all of this, Possum fur and it's merino blend is an environmentally sound choice.


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