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In 1908 when Joscelyn Hansford founded Hansfords Menswear, he made sure customer service was at the forefront of all his decisions. Today we still believe in establishing and continuing wonderful relationships with our customers: we are to serve rather than to sell.

"We have been so very busy this year and I am truly grateful to all of you who have supported Hansfords by visiting us instore and purchasing online too" says Matthew Hansford. "I don't want to jinx anything, but I am constantly amazed at how well Hansfords is weathering the storm of doom and gloom that screams at us from every news channel and newspaper headline".

It's true, we have sadly lost some well-loved stores in Chichester such as Army & Navy. In addition, Marks & Spencer, which used to stock some lovely suits and formal clothing, has decided to tap into a different market traditionally held by the price-driven retailers.

For a time we were worried about online competition but thanks in part to Covid forcing us in that direction, we have now embraced it and it is a growing part of our business. To be honest, it will only ever be a small part, mainly for the convenience of our customers who know our brands, products and sizing. Interestingly research quoted in Readers' Digest (The UK High Street in 2022) states that less than a quarter of consumers say the internet is their main way of shopping.

According to the same research, 59% of UK shoppers state the High Street is still their main way of purchasing items and that over a third agree "seeing, touching and trying out an item in person" is an important part of their shopping experience. Tom Ironside, Director of Business and Regulation at the British Retail Consortium, notes "it is clear that people value having physical shops in their community."

Going back to 1908, Joscelyn's customer service guiding principle is as relevant now as it was then. Customers are always warmly welcome to touch, feel and try on clothing at Hansfords before buying and putting customers first is still always top of our agenda. Maybe that is why Hansfords is still blooming and still able to bring the finest quality menswear to new and loyal customers. "I feel the independent retailer has a bright future on the High Street" says Matthew "and with your help, long may it last!"

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