Swedish Creative Coming To Chichester

Holebrook Clothing Chichester
Holebrook Knitwear Chichester
If it is stylish, excellent quality and created sustainably by a family firm, then that's a great first step to ensuring Hansfords' interest in a garment. The carefully crafted wool and cotton items from Swedish brand, Holebrook, certainly ticks these boxes and more. They have also proved to be a real winner with Hansfords' customers.
Founded by Peter and Tina Karstorp in 1999, Holebrook knitwear was created with the Swedish coastal weather at the forefront of its functionality. They very cleverly incorporate a windproof lining within the garments and add some elastane within the fabric to make it stretchable and breathable. As Holebrook say: "we knit for warmth and comfort... we sew for a perfect fit and unhindered movement".
Hansfords favours brands that take a sustainable approach to all aspects of creation and manufacture and Holebrook ticks this box too. Their ideals of "slow fashion" (as opposed to the use-once-and-throw-away concept of "fast fashion") means the clothes Holebrook creates are timeless, classic in design and built to last: "made for the seasons, not for trends". They do not use any chemicals to achieve the windproof capability in the lining. It is produced using a special, extremely tight weaving method, whilst the elastane makes the fabric stretchy and breathable.
So, whether you are on a sailing boat in the North Sea, hiking along the Swedish Bohuslän coast or just going about your business in a "normal" British Autumn/Winter, then this carefully crafted, stylish, windproof knitwear is perfect for you.
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