The next STeP for Meyer

Meyer Trousers Chichester

We are thrilled for Meyer and so proud that Hansfords stocks this amazing brand. The company has recently been awarded a coveted STeP by Oeko-tex® standard.

STeP by Oeko-tex® stands for Sustainable Textile Production. The aim of this accreditation is to encourage textile manufacturers to permanently implement environmentally friendly production processes, to improve occupational safety and to promote socially acceptable working conditions in production plants.

As you know from previous newsletter articles, Meyer works very hard at ensuring every one of their employees have decent working terms and conditions. They have had their own production facilities in Europe for over 20 years to ensure the conditions are met and often exceeded. The materials Meyer works with are sustainably produced without chemical pesticides, fertilisers or genetically modified raw materials. This is why Meyer has won the right to use this coveted label.

What is so great about the STeP by Oeko-tex® standard, is that, unlike many other certification systems, it takes a holistic approach by evaluating the production of an article through every stage of the entire supply chain. Each Oeko-Tex® label has a unique product ID or QR code so you can trace the countries and production facilities where the labelled article was produced.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that these amazing Meyer trousers and shorts that you can purchase in Hansfords are not only brilliantly made and supremely comfortable, but they have gained the right touse the coveted Oeko-tex® label too!


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